Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Trouble Free(ish) motoring

Well, the pug has been pretty trouble free for a while "touch wood"... I did start to think that the battery was dying as i noticed the battery light on my dashboard had lit up, and then faded away for some apparant reason. However, this has yet to happen again, so im not overly bothered about it. The other evidence i had was that my Pioneer CD Changer had not kept the correct memory once or twice, but that could be me being silly!... So it's either the battery needs replacing, or a new starter motor!. Not a problem, as the car has been okay since. So i wont worry about that!.

I paid a visit to Halfords yesterday to pick up a few bits for my car. I bought some new Spark plugs & a new air filter, as the parts on my car haven't been replaced for 2 years. I also bought a new rocker cover gasket, as i beleive the one i have on the car is leaking oil ALL over the place. But hey, that's another characteristic of the 106. hehe

Other bits i purchased where just some tools to fit the above. A Socket set, some socket extensions. That was it, and it all came to £50.. hmmmm! I was also after some Philips Blue Vision Ultra bulbs for the car, as i have seen other car's with the same bulbs, and they look REALLY bright. Well, anything brighter than a flickering candle would be an improvement over the bulbs in the car at the moment!.. Anywho, Halfords dont stock Philips bulbs. Soo, i shall be ordering a set online at some point soon!