Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Well that's done then!

Got the driveshaft done yesterday! The car seems better, no creaking or knocking on corners which is good, but it's also a good peice of mind having worried for the last couple of weeks that the driveshaft was going to give, and then be left somewhere i didn't want to be left with a car that wouldn't go!

In my last post i mentioned about the prices at my local garage jumping up by £50! Well i phoned them last thursday and told them i had a quote for £120 and i'd like to book it in! They didn't say anything and that is what i eventually paid!

No other problems jumped out at them apart from the exhaust which i know is blowing. Not sure if they were punting for work but they said that the flange between the front section & the catalytic converter has gone and they reckon i'd need a new 'cat' on there....hmm i think not! Next time i get under the car, ill have a look at the flange. Maybe i can purchase a flange joint thingy from a shop and just replace it to seal up the hole.

Not much else to report. im still hankering for more power and the thoughts of dropping a 1.6 16v GTi engine into the pug is still growing on me!

Ta ta for now!

Thursday, December 08, 2005

That damn driveshaft...

On my last post here, i mentioned that my driveshaft was knackered. Well that was about 2 weeks ago. I phoned up the garage where i had my cambelt changed, and they quoted me £120. hmmm, bit pricey and being so close to xmas aswell but luckily, i got a bit of money for some work i had done and that covered it. So last monday, i phoned up the garage again to get a quote for the same works and was told it would be £170! £50 price rise in 2 weeks?! that's soo wrong! I know of another garage which is around the corner from my house. Phoned them, and they said they wouldn't be able to fit me in until after xmas!.. Ouchy! So with all these setbacks, i thought i'd order a driveshaft from GSF or eurocarparts for £50 and then fit it myself.

Anyway, i logged onto the PGAC today where one of the users had posted some images of his 205, which had more or less eaten his driveshaft and the damage looked a bit horrible. So i phoned up the garage again and told them that i had phoned up 2 weeks ago and was quoted £120 for the replacement driveshaft + fitting. It's booked in for monday, and it's for £120. Bonus! I'll finally get the driveshaft sorted!

Last weekend, i popped round to my dad's to do a bit of work on the car. Not much done, but we did have a look at the radiator, which has still not leaked. So whatever the problem was, it's gone! We also looked at the doors as they have been creaking, squeeking and banging for the last couple of months. With a bit of WD40 & Grease, they now open and close with ease! Problem with that is though that im used to giving the door a bit of welly to open it, whereas now, it opens with minimal force, so i've very nearly wrecked both doors by swinging them open into parked cars! Gotta watch that!

We also fixed my dodgy rear window wiper & washer. Basically, the washer didnt work and the wiper would only wipe the sides of the rear windscreen, and leave the central bit covered in water / dust or whatever was on there. After looking at it, my dad quickly realised that the wiper wasn't actually touching the window in the middle because the wiper arm had ceased. So out came the WD40 again which loosened it up a treat and it now cleans the whole rear screen! As for the washer, that seemed to be blocked. A pin up the shoot fixed that. But the washer housing has split. So now when i turn on the rear washer, it sprays in 3 different directions, one on the window, one straight out behind the car, and one straight upwards! Could be useful if someone's tailgating me ;)