Monday, May 09, 2005

Sooo bright!

I fitted my bulbs a while back, and gave them a thorough road test when i drove to suffolk, but sod's law prevailed, and it was still light outside when we got to lowestoft, suffolk! Typical!. However, i did need to use the lights and they did seem very bright, but wanted to wait until i was proper dark before giving them a good blast!

That day was last friday. "H" was out with her work pal's and i told her i would pick her up when she was finished. The call came at 2am, i jumped in the car, and tested the bulbs in the car park (as the lighting wasn't on!) DAMN!.. How bright are they?!.. practically lit up the car park as if it was daylight! Driving through the back streets of Croydon, i turned the lights onto full beam just to test them, and they lit up the whole street! Not with a manky yellow colour, but a nice bright white light! Im veery happy with these bulbs and would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a set of new bulbs!

Oh, the indicators are working again :)

Not much else going on with the pug at the moment. I will need to sort the tracking out on the car soon as when i hit 70+ on the motorway, the steering wheel shakes, and then stops and then shakes again etc etc...

Lastly, i did start redesigning this site and running it on my own server which i have, had it all up & running and just had to finish one or two little items before changing the whole lot over. However, last week at some point, i think my hosting ran out as the site is no longer accesible. D'oh!

Still on the hunt for some alloys too!