Wednesday, January 25, 2006


Well to be honest, nowt's been going on! The car's been fine, with just the niggly problem of the small peice of welding which needs doing to the handbrake pivot (really should get that done) and the blowing exhaust which also needs looking at.

I've been thinking about the sounds in my car, and im half tempted to upgrade the rear speakers to a set of 6x9's which would of course, require a stronger rear shelf. The only reason i want to replace the rear speakers is whilst sat in traffic last week, i decided to play with the settings on my stereo. I adjusted the sound to the rear of the car, and to be honest, it sounded awful. This (i think) is because the speakers are too deep, and are not moving correctly.

Also, whilst on the note of ICE, i've been hunting for a pioneer CD-RB20. I spotted one on ebay on saturday, which i started bidding on, but got outbid with 5 seconds to go. Done another search which produced a second one which ended sunday morning. I placed my max bid, and went out. When i got home, i checked it only to find i had been outbid again!... arrgh!.. So, the search continues. I actually spotted one on eBay this morning with a "Buy It Now" price of £10. Sooold!.. Bought it straight-away. So hopefully it will turn up soon and it'll work fine! Although im a bit dubious because of the price. Oh well. We shall see!

Lastly, with some kind help from 'Longun', a mate of mine from the PGAC, he has leant me some server space. ONce it's all up & running, i shall be moving my blog over to that space which will allow me more creative freedom with the site, which is nice! And i promise i'll set up a new domain name so that the website is memorable.

Ho hum, back to work i guess!

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Happy new year!

Happy new year to all!... Hope you all had a good'un, and played safe over the holidays!!