Wednesday, May 24, 2006

volkswagon bora's

Recently, i've been noticing a few VW Bora's on the roads. Now i know these have been around for ages, but in my eyes, they look rather nice. And after a few hours on various VW forums & websites, i've found some very nice looking Bora's.

Check these badboys out!




Certainly something worth thinking about in the future :)

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Surprise Surprise!

Well, yet again, the car has a problem!

I posted last week to say that the car had been into the garage to get the hose fixed and all that!... Well that's all done. Last Friday, we decided to go to Suffolk to see "H"'s parents. I thought it'd be a good test for the car, to see how it goes now after the work. Anyway, it got there & back in one peice which was good :)

But Tuesday morning, i got in the car, started her up, put it in reverse and looked out the back window to find a load of blue(ish) smoke coming from the exhaust. Jumped out to have a look, but the smoke had dissapeared, and nothing was coming from the exhaust so thought nothing of it.

Got to work & posted what i saw on the PGAC, to which the ever-helpful members told me it's probably due to worn valve stem seals which *should* ideally be re-placed when doing the head gasket. But obviously it hasn't been done.

So now, basically, when the engine is off, a small amount of oil seaps into the cyclinder. Upon starting the car, this oil get's burnt off, hence the blue smoke. It shouldn't create too much hassle if it get's left, which it probably will do... Well for a few weeks or so until i can get enough money together to get it done again. You see, when the valve seals go, you need to take off the head to replace them. Doing this, might damage the head gasket and depending on how you take the head off, it may need skimming again too!... So in theory, i'd need to get the head gasket done AGAIN in order to do the stem seals. What a bitch!

Soo, "H" & i have been talking recently about really saving. We're gonna look into getting a mortgage & get our own place together... But obviously we need a car too, so we're gonna try and save a bit of cash for a new motor!

Will this ever end?