Friday, August 26, 2005

Goodies for me

W000!... sorry, well, my goodies have turned up! Although, trusty ol eBay has come up trumps again lol!... the smoked indicator lens dont look that smoked (but better than what's there now!) and the Gear gaiter will probably require a brain surgeon to fit! Oh dear :(

Smoked Indicator lens will probably look good though, well im hoping anywho! It looks like i have to do a bit of re-wiring as the connections on the pug dont match the wiring on the indicators, but it's only 2 wires... It can't be that hard... Can it? (Remember your speaking to the person who set fire to the microwave trying to cook some supernoodles!)

The gear gaiter is going to be the difficult bit. It's just a sheet of leather sewn together. I can fit it without a hitch,it's just trying to work out how to attach it to the centre console. The gaiter comes with a tapered end, with a hole punched out every inch or so around the wide end. Does this mean i need to purchase a gear surround so i can screw that down, and screw it through the gaiter to hold it down!?... i was ideally looking for a smooth finish, so not overly enthusiastic about leaving screw's on show.

I could always take Infamous Aidy's (from the PGAC) advice, and pop down the local scrappy, and pick up a gaiter from an escort or something. oooh, whilst i'm down there, i could always pick up some 106 headrest's and attach them in the back to add a bit more luxury for my passangers... *dials local scrappies*. Just phoned the local scrappy, they'll have a 106 coming in next week-ish, and he said that headrest's are not something he tends to keep hold of, so it looks like i may get it cheap too!... So let's hope so! *crosses fingers*

Also, last night, i was waiting for my girlfriend @ the bus stop. Whilst waiting, i thought i'd flick through the Haynes manual to see how i'd go about changing the indicators. I started reading about the weekly checks you should carry out on the 106. I then decided that i am going to keep the car in better working condition. The timing belt needs to be done soon. I've had the car for around 30,000, and the Haynes manual reckons they should be done every 36,000 miles. It hasn't been done since i owned the car, and it makes me wonder whether the previous owner had it done, and if it hasn't been done, is my 106 a ticking time bomb!... EEEK! But i will work out a rotor of some sort, and make it nice and easy to read. Looking through the Haynes manual, there was an awful lot of stuff that needs to be done at different times! Oil every 6000 miles, spark plugs every 12000, timing belt every 36000, coolent every 12000. It could all get very confusing! But i will post it up here as a *guide* once it's all sorted so other 106'ers can use it =)

Other than that, im still on the look out for some alloys. Originally after a set of 306 GTi-6 Cyclone alloys, they seem rather pricy. Then found out about the Saxo VTS alloys, but they too are pricy. Generally going for around £300+ on ebay! Not what i want to pay! But i have seen some other Standard Peugeot alloys off different pug models which have caught my eye. One style generally goes for about £100, and the other set seems to be alot rarer and have yet to see some on eBay! :(

Im after some 15's. Im aware that i will need to cut the rear arches. Which is a git, but ho-hum, life goes on, and if the arches need to be cut, they need to be cut. On top of that, i'll need some arches. Generally looking at the Rallye arches or XSi arches. Which will then require new front & rear bumpers so they match up with the arches lol!... this could get very expensive just for some 15" alloys!

Fingers crossed though :)