Thursday, January 27, 2005

Arrgh!.. The electrics have gone... again!

On my 106, i have a factory fitted alarm & immobilisor, with central locking! Rather nifty and is handy to just press the button on the keyfob, and then get in the car!... saves hassle unlocking the car and scratching the bodywork around the keyhole!

Anywho, for the past 6 months or so, it's been playing up! Sometimes when i lock the car, all the hazard lights flash to tell me the car's locked, but the stay on!.. So i have to unlock & lock the car several times until the lights go out!...

That's all well & good, but the main problem now is that when i lock or unlock the car, the lights dont flash at all!... Which has it's pro's & con's).. But the main problem is once im driving the car, and i indicate to turn left or right, ALL my hazard lights start to flash!

Which leaves me in a bit of a dilemma!... Do i indicate to turn left but have all my hazard lights flashing, or just not bother indicating at all!?!!

Im sure in a couple of day's, it will rectify it's self, but it will only be a matter of time before it happens again!!!

Monday, January 24, 2005

D'oh Part 2

Well after the exhaust threw a wobbly and made a hole in itself, on saturday, i took the pug down to the local kwik fit as i needed the exhaust done on the quick!

After the car was put up on the lift, i had a look underneath it! I did take some pics on my phone however, a) the quality isn't great, and b) i cant get my phone connected to my computer!!

Anywho, after taking a look, it looked like the exhaust pipe had come away from the mid-silencer box creating a blowing effect (which, may i add, has been a problem for 2 years!) and the weld between the exhaust pipe and the backbox had completly perished, hence the loud "hole in the exhaust" noise!!...

So, today, £100 lighter, my car is now back to normal!... wooo, i suppose!

My 106 on the ramp!... needs a damn good clean!

Thursday, January 20, 2005


This is the car that im after... The almight Peugeot 106 GTi. Loads of fun, the 2nd best handling car in the world (as according to Mr Jeremy Clarkson, 2004?) and comes with 120BHP straight outta the box!... now that is an almighty amount of power for such a small car... Now where did i leave my list of money making schemes...


It's problem after problem these days with the lil Pug!... That's the problem when your car get's old!

I got in my car after work last night, and noticed it was rather noisy!.. Turns out i have a nice little hole in the exhaust! Probably not healthy for the car, but i had fun blatting it through tunnels on my way home and hearing the exhaust note resonate through the tunnel & echo as i left!.. hehe..

When / If i get my new car (the GTi) i will be purchasing a tasty exhaust for it, probably a Pugsport exhaust!

Ho hum!... what will be next?

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Welcome to Qwesto's Pug

Good morning / afternoon / evening whereever you are!

I go by the name of Qwest (just a random name plucked from obscurity many moons ago when the age of 28kbps Dial-up was all the rage!). I am 23 (At last count), I Live in London, UK with my girlfriend, 'H', and i have created this blog just out of shear curiosity!

This blog is about me & my car! I Currently Drive a phase 1 Peugeot 106 XR with a nippy-ish 1.4 engine. It goes well, well, it used to!.. but unfortunatly the car is getting old now!... Saying that though, the car is in rather good condition!.. No dents, no scrapes, it looks REALLY nice when it's clean... saying that, it looks veeery clean now, and it was last washed in September 04... considering that was almost 4 months ago now, that's rather good :D...

This is a picture of my lil pug...

Rather clean and shiny dont ya think!?!

I've done a few things to the car over the years that i've had it!.. I've removed the wheel trims because i prefer it on black steel wheels.. although everyone says it would look better with the wheel trims on!... baaah! it's my car, i'll have it how i like!!!

I've also uprated the sounds in the car. Starting off with uprating the front speakers to a set of pioneer 13cm speakers!... Rather tasty i thought, and a bargain at £30! Next up was the Pioneer Cassette tuner with CD Changer in the boot!... Yet again, another bargain at £230!.. After a year or so of fitting the Head Unit, my rear speakers started to flap & fail, so for my birthday, my girlfriend "H" bought me some Kenwood replacements which are rather good, and really make the sound in the car a lot better!... However, the Kenwood speakers were too deep for the small recess in the back where the speakers go!... So, a bit of D.I.Y came into play, and i fabricated some spacers made from plastic "conlit" tubing found at work.. I cut 4 spacers, around half an inch deep, and placed these between the speakers & the rear cards. This gave enough room for the speakers to perform well without hitting or even touching the bodywork!. JOB WELL DONE!

I've also got a lovely shiny chrome Momo Gearknob which needs putting into the car. H bought this for me for my birthday too which was nice :D.. i haven't fitted it yet though, as im after a rather tasty leather gear gaitor & chrome surround to make it look nice, as the standard peugeot one is made from rubber, and looks very naff!...

Other than that, not much has been done to the car! Only a few bits in the engine and to do with the mechanical side have been done.. Since i've had the car (nearly 3 and a half years now!), i've had 2 clutches fitted, a new rear brake slave cylinder and a new Stepper motor / Idle control valve (what ever you want to call it!)... New plugs & filters etc etc...

When i bought the car many moons ago, i did have plans of making it look really nice, you know, alloys, bodykit, & a custom ICE install... Nothing too over the top, just smarten the looks up a bit, but due to money, or lack of, nothing really happened!!!

Unfortunatly though, the car is now getting old, and im looking into getting a new car... But i will post updates on that as & when it happens!!

Check back soon, or whenever you fancy really!... ill try and keep the site up-to-date on my car and stuff related to it!!

~ Qwesto