Monday, January 24, 2005

D'oh Part 2

Well after the exhaust threw a wobbly and made a hole in itself, on saturday, i took the pug down to the local kwik fit as i needed the exhaust done on the quick!

After the car was put up on the lift, i had a look underneath it! I did take some pics on my phone however, a) the quality isn't great, and b) i cant get my phone connected to my computer!!

Anywho, after taking a look, it looked like the exhaust pipe had come away from the mid-silencer box creating a blowing effect (which, may i add, has been a problem for 2 years!) and the weld between the exhaust pipe and the backbox had completly perished, hence the loud "hole in the exhaust" noise!!...

So, today, £100 lighter, my car is now back to normal!... wooo, i suppose!

My 106 on the ramp!... needs a damn good clean!

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