Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Well that's done then!

Got the driveshaft done yesterday! The car seems better, no creaking or knocking on corners which is good, but it's also a good peice of mind having worried for the last couple of weeks that the driveshaft was going to give, and then be left somewhere i didn't want to be left with a car that wouldn't go!

In my last post i mentioned about the prices at my local garage jumping up by £50! Well i phoned them last thursday and told them i had a quote for £120 and i'd like to book it in! They didn't say anything and that is what i eventually paid!

No other problems jumped out at them apart from the exhaust which i know is blowing. Not sure if they were punting for work but they said that the flange between the front section & the catalytic converter has gone and they reckon i'd need a new 'cat' on there....hmm i think not! Next time i get under the car, ill have a look at the flange. Maybe i can purchase a flange joint thingy from a shop and just replace it to seal up the hole.

Not much else to report. im still hankering for more power and the thoughts of dropping a 1.6 16v GTi engine into the pug is still growing on me!

Ta ta for now!

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