Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Double whammy!

I Took the car into the garage today to get some welding done which has been pending for over 6 months! an hour or so after taking it in, the mechanic phoned up and told me he had done the welding and also fixed my exhaust as it was blowing loudly and annoying him!.. Wooo... So for £40, i got 2 problems fixed! Back of the net!

I did have some quotes from various garages about the exhaust. They told me that the catalytic converter was worn and needed replacing... one garage wanted over £300 for it. Turn's out it was just a loose connection, and needed to be tightened up!

Also, i've booked my car in to a local garage to get the head gasket done. It's going in next tuesday so fingers crossed, it shouldn't take too long and once it's out, most of the bad problem's would have been rectified, and it'll only be smaller problems which will need attention!

Shall post back with any new news!

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