Thursday, September 14, 2006

New Earphones

Im after a new pair of earphones for my Creative Zen. It Shouldn’t be a hard task should it? Apparantly so. I want a decent pair of earbud headphones which sound good, punchy, clear and can go quite loud when needed! The bud’s that came with my Zen were very good. In fact, they’re probably the best I’ve ever owned. However, after a year of abuse, being pulled out of my bag on a daily basis, in a tangled mass, something was bound to go wrong. Unfortunatly, it did. One bud stopped working. 3 weeks later, the other bud stopped working too. I thought i could fix it with a bit of sellotape, but that failed miserably.

Fast forward a week or so, and whilst in the office, i found a pair of headphones on the window-sill! I found out who they belonged to, and was told that they were spare, and were only cheap ones. No matter i thought, earphones are earphones. As long as i can hear the music, they’re cool.

How wrong was I? These no-branded, 99p earphones were terrible. Really quiet, really cheap feel to them. Sound quality was just wrong. It sounded like i was listenin to music underwater.

At this point, i was getting desperate, and was missing listening to my latest downloads at work! So routing around at home, i found a small silver pouch which i had picked up at a london station many moons ago. Inside the pouch was an Skype branded earbud & microphone, obviously intended for Skype use, however, they’re perfect for me at work. I cant sit at work with earbuds in both ears, so i only use the one!

BUT, these skype bud’s are only intended for voice and what not over the internet, so they’re not that good, but they’re better than the 99p jobbies i found! So i’ve been using this skype bud for about 2 months now. They REALLY lack bass, but other than they’re ok!

Ok, so i’ve digressed, the whole point of this post was about a review I read over at T3. It’s about a set of Creative Zen Aurvana earphones. The review was positive, and the tag-line was “Noise-blocking buds that don’t cost the Earth”. ‘They sound good’ i thought. Some decent phones for a decent price. So i went on a price hunt as T3 didn’t offer one. are selling them for £89.99. Wtf?!.. “..buds that don’t cost the Earth”. True, you can’t buy the earthy for £90 (maybe a small bit though), but £90 is alot of money for some ear-phones!!.. £90 is aLOT of money for a set of headphones (you can buy a car for cheaper!). So that’s the end of that idea.

Onwards with my search for some decent bud’s… any recommendations?

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