Thursday, January 18, 2007

Printed Goodness

sunrunrally ad001

So I may have mentioned the SunRunRally on here before.  Basically, it's a venture that a friend of mine is embarking on.  Where a few people drive from Dover, UK to Kavos, Corfu.  Once in Corfu, there will be a week full of events, parties, and fun! 

Where do I come into this? Well, I have designed the website, and I am also doing the adverts for various magazines & printed media.

This isn't my first attempt at printed media, however, it is my first attempt at the end product being any good! 

Because this is my first attempt at doing proper printed media, with correct colour palettes, resolutions etc, I've been quite nervous about the outcome, but I've just been sent an image of the finished article, and it looks bloody good!

It also comes as a relief as the deadline for the next advert was last Friday.  I based the second advert on the first, so if this one was wrong, then the next one would be too!  But fortunately for myself, & the SunRunRally, it turned out good!

So this should look good when I start my portfolio on this very page!

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