Tuesday, October 05, 2004

HISTORY: hmm.. new mirrors?

I work on a business estate comprising of around 50-60 units for offices and such like along with associated parking... Each unit had roughly 1-2 car parking spaces. Now in my office, there are 5 people working, all of which drive, so we usually have 4/5 car's parked outside the office, but as you can guess, there's not always room, so if that is the case, we park alongside the fence on the otherside of the drive..

Yesterday was one of these days, and i had to park alongside the fence. Not a problem, as i have done this many times before. Anyway, i came out of work last night and i spotted a peice of paper lodged underneath my windscreen wiper. I simply thought it was a note saying "please dont park here again", as i have had those a few times before.

As i got closer to the car, i noticed there was something else sitting on my windscreen!... Turns out to be my drivers side mirror!... Arse!... However, the peice of paper did say "Sorry, i broke your mirror, please call me on xxx to arrange repair" and was signed.

Sooo, today, i had a look at the damage. There is one broken Mirror Glass and the Actual black plastic mirror had a crack in it! So next port of call was Peugeot, to see how much it would cost. £66!. EEEESH!... Oh well. I phoned up the woman who had hit my car and told her the damage, and she will post a cheque for £66 to me to cover the damage... Scooooore =)

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