Tuesday, November 30, 2004

HISTORY: damnit!

oh dear oh dear... on my travels to work this morning, i happened to bump my car into someone else... Stuck in traffic coming upto a mini-roundabout, everyone was stood still! After a couple of minutes, the traffic started circulating around the round-about, and i carried on with my journey!

I drove round the round-about, looked in my rear-view mirror to see what was behind me, and then looked in front to carry on driving, but the car in front had stopped to turn right. I jumped on the brakes to try and stop, but as the roads were wet, i just slid into the back of him!

Luckily, just before the impact, he had started moving of, so it was a very low-speed bump!

We both pulled into a side road, and he jumped out of his car to look for damage. He was driving a new VW Golf GTi... nice-ish car! But luckily, he was ok, and there was no damage to his car. he kept saying "you barely touched me, dont worry about it"... So i didnt (hehe). No insurance details were exchanged, as there was no damage.

So we both went on our merry way and when i got to work, i decided to open my bonnet to see if anything had happened in the engine bay!..

His car was untouched, but my car had some damage... D'oh!.. But it was only slight. The front drivers side light had taken the brunt of the impact, and it had broke some of the pins that held it into place. So now i need to find out if i only need to buy a new set of pins to hold the headlight in place, or whether i need to buy a whole new headlight!... We shall see how that pans out!

Other than that, there was no damage, except to my ego. I've been driving for 3 and a half years, and never had a bump (except that one time i reversed "the BEAST!" into a lampost, but that's another story!).... oh well, onwards and upwards i guess!

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