Friday, December 24, 2004

HISTORY: People cant drive on xmas eve!

damnit!!! I'd just been out to drop some movies back to Blockbuster Video in the centre of town at around 9pm on xmas eve. Dropped the DVD's in the drop-box as blockbuster wasn't open (who would be at 9pm on xmas eve!). Jumped in the car, and started heading home. It was only a 5 min drive, so shouldn't of been any problems.

Just to set the scene, this is the layout!..The blockbuster in town is just off a duel carriageway, and to get home from where i had parked, you have to drive along a 2-lane sliproad which joins onto the duel carriageway (it's a bit of a blind area when the 4 lanes merge). Around 50 metre's after the 2 roads join, it becomes a 4 lane junction onto a main roundabout controlled by traffic lights...

Anyway, i was driving along the slip road just coming upto the roundabout, and some pillock comes up along the duel carriage way and swings straight into my lane. In order to avoid an accident, i had to swerve, and in doing so, i hit the kerb at around 30mph, and the kerbs around this area aren't very forgiving. This other driver didnt stop and just drove on!

The result?... driving up another duel carriageway to get home, the front side tyre goes flat. So i pull into a sideroad to have a look!... Completly flat tyre, and the steel rim had an inch or two dent in it!... D'oh!

So swung the car into a hotel car park so i had a bit of light so i could change the wheel! The next problem being the spare was flat aswell!... arrrgh!.. So managed to limp home at around 10mph!

The spare wheel had a slow puncture, so xmas morning, my girlfriends dad turned up with a tyre pump and we pumped the wheel up so i could go visit my family for christmas!

The damage caused, as said before, was a knackered steel rim, and a torn tyre. So i popped into a local tyre place, and bought a new steel rim for £15, and a used tyre for £15 and a new valve put on the spare to fix the slow puncture!.. Dont wanna fork out £200 for a new set of 4 tyres if im going to get a new set of alloys and need another set of tyres! Waste of money if i do that!...

So because of some twat's driving skills, it's cost me £35! Not that bad if you think about it, but when monies tight, you dont need extra expendatures like this!!!

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