Thursday, October 13, 2005

A few bits...

At the weekend, i visited my dad and we decided to do a few servicey bits to the car. We changed the oil & filter, and i watched his every move so now i can do it myself. We also decided to change the timing belt, however, time was not on our side, so my dad, the nice guy that he is, said to me that he'll pay for it to get done in a garage! Bonus! (thanks dad!!)

So today, the Pug has gone into the local garage to get the Timing belt replaced. I hope it'll be alright cos i'll be doing a lot of miles next week! Friday night, My girlie & i are off to Suffolk (150 miles), We may go to Norwich on Saturday (60 miles), and then sunday, we're coming back home to London (another 150 miles). Monday morning, My girlie & i are off on Holiday for the week. We're off to Devon which will be really nice! (our first holiday together). It's 230ish miles to Devon from london. Then obviously, we'll be driving around all week, which could be another 70 miles, and then next Friday, we'll be driving home again (230 miles). So over the next 8 day's, my pug will cover around 900-1000 miles! Which is a fair bit for a car which was designed for town driving.

The only reason i wanted the timing belt changed is that it's meant to be changed every 72000 miles, but the Haynes manual suggests you do it every 36000 miles! I've had the car for around 32,000 miles, but im not sure when the timing belt was last changed IF it has been changed at all. The pug is coming upto 85ooo miles, so i thought it'd best be done as soon as possible.

So the pug should be back with me by 5pm tonight!... And even though i dont drive it during the day whilst im in the office, im actually missing the car! Because it's not sat outside, it does seem very strange!... I CANT WAIT! God know's what i'll be like IF i get the engine done!

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