Monday, October 24, 2005

The Car's back, im back.... We're back!

Soo... the last post was before i went on holiday with "H". It was our first holiday together alone, and we had a great time. It may seem boring to you, but we both jumped in the car last Monday, and headed for Teignmouth, in Devon for the week. H had been there before as she has some relatives who live there, but i had never seen it, and my god, the scenery is fantastic! And so are the roads. If you've never been to Devon, the place is full of hills. It always feels like your walking up-hill! It is crazy, but the roads, as i said, were fantastic. Lot's of country lanes, winding up a hill, and then back down the other side. No pavements, and just tree's & banks either side of the road. It was a shame it was raining & wet though, i didnt want to push the car too fast, only to slip on the wet road and end up in the sea!!.. eeesh! The car held up superbly on the 250 mile drive there & back. No problems what-so-ever, which is good news.

The timing belt which was done on the Thursday before we left didn't really change the feel of the car (not that i expected it to), but at least i knew that it wouldn't snap whilst we were down in Devon, and have to pay for the car to be either fixed there, or towed home to London!. Either way, it would have been VERY expensive.

I saw some gorgeous motor's around town & on my travels. A fair few Impreza's & Evo's. A nice looking Lotus, and some other high-powered expensive metal!

Only other news (if you can call it that), is that H's step-father has got himself a Suburu Impreza Wagon. It's the turbo model, it's black, only had 60k miles on the clock, and is around 10 years old. Bad thing though is that it's an automatic (boo hiss!). Manual's are much more fun! But he won this little gem on eBay for a shade over £2,500 which i think is an absolute steal, and at that price, i'd snap one up!... And i very nearly did until i saw the quote for the insurance... £1600 TPFT! YOUCH! Oh well, never mind though, next august, i'll be 25, and hopefully, the insurance will come down a bit!

So, in 2 week's time, H & I are off to Suffolk to see her family for a fireworks night party & i will get a chance to see the Impreza, and if i can swindle it, a nice lil drive hehe. I will definatly get some piccies!

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