Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Burnout Revenge (Xbox)

Burnout: Revenge
I’ve always been a fan of the Burnout series of games. Ever since seeing pictures of the original Burnout way-back on the playstation2 in 2001, i’ve been hooked on the thought of wrecking car’s for fun! And every single burnout game i’ve owned has been a joy to play!

Now, over the past couple of years, i’ve kinda lost contact with console gaming, and the release of Burnout: Revenge (the 4th game) slipped beneath my radar. It was only when i saw it in my local gamestation for cheap, that i decided to pick it up. The only problem was that the game was on the XBox, and all my previous copies have been for the PS2. Would it be a better gaming experience or worse? I wasn’t holding out much hope to be honest, as i’ve always preferred the PS2 over the XBox, and i only really picked up my XBox for Forza Motorsport, and maybe Halo?

Anyway, i digress, after getting home, and having a blast, the old features that made me fall in love with the burnout series was there, the crashes, the smashes, and the incredible sense of speed you get as you blast down the wrong side of motorways, through alley-ways and down normal streets, scooting between coaches, big rigs & vans before coming across a junction and being that split-second too slow as you soon realise it’s too late to break and you cringe as the fantastic replay show’s your shiny sports car bumping off car and into a lamppost scattering pieces of car all over the road!

The game also brings back the immense fun of Crash Junctions as well as some new play-features which all add to the game-play!

Now after playing the game for a week or so, i soon got bored of it, which always bugged me as i loved all the previous games, and couldn’t put them down for weeks on end. So what was different about this? To be honest, i couldn’t put my finger on it, but for the last week, myself & my girlfriend’s brother have been playing multiplayer on Burnout: Revenge, and loved every single second of it! The multiplayer “Road Rage” game is such immense fun and we’ve had many a laugh & joke about winning (but mostly losing)! The only problem with this appears to be the lack of settings. The ‘Road Rage’ game only allows 10 takedown’s before finishing. I WANT to be able to change that!. I want to play for as many or as little takedowns as possible.. Surely a ‘golden takedown’ game would be fun? The first to take someone down maybe? Why wasn’t this feature included?

Never-the-less, the last week or so of pure Burnout has been immense fun, and im soo glad i had the chance to play multiplayer and have such a great laugh with such a great game! After getting bored (was I insane?) for a while with this game, im not right back into it, and love that thrill of speed & destruction. True, it can be very irritating at times when you come across a level that you can’t get past, but surely that’s the whole point of it? How much fun would a game be if you could complete it in an hour?

Overall XBox score… 8/10

Overall PS2 score… 6/10


Well, i’ve not played the game in a while, ever since i got my 360, as this is still not backward compatible with the 360 . Regardless of this though, i had the chance to play burnout Revenge on the Playstation. You’d think they would be more or less identical. To be honest, the playstation one really is inferior compared to the xbox version. The sound does not come anywhere NEAR the quality on the xbox, with missing samples, delayed effects etc. Loading times are horrific, and the gameplay doesn’t feel right. Tis a shame as all the previous burnout games ive’ owned have been on the playstation! Makes me wonder what i’ve been missing!. I’ve lost all faith in Sony! 

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