Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Gone wireless...

wooo!… for the past few months, i’ve been hunting for a wireless router for home. I finally narrowed it down to a netgear item, and it looked nice.. But im on a budget, which was set to £40. I Eventually found somewhere selling the netgear router, new, for £39.99 with free delivery!!! That was eBuyer, and it was out of stock.

I waited a month or so, and they were still out of stock. However, saturday night, i checked, and yes, they had 1 (ONE!) in stock… ordered it as soon as i saw it! Woo, i got my router, and on budget.

Next morning, i check my email, and yes, there was one from eBuyer. “Sorry, your item xxx is out of stock” AARRGHHH!!!! So i cancelled the order and visited eBay. So i found one for £25 + £10 postage. So i got my new router, less than budget and it turned up yesterday!

It was rather easy to set-up and after a bit of hair-pulling on my part (turned on WEP, but ignored it on the laptop), i finally got the internet on the laptop, so i can now browse the t’interweb on the sofa, rather than huddled up in the corner!

Plus it looks good!… haa! 

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