Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Oh what i'd do for a pair of these

CDJ-1000 72dpi
I Popped round a friend’s house last night. She’s a DJ. (Visit her site). I went round to help her out with her website. And in her office, i noticed she had a set of Pioneer CDJ-1000 units sitting next to her Technics. Now i used to be a DJ (you can see me in action here), i’ve still got a set of slick Technic’s 1200’s (the silver ones baby!) and i’ve always been a lover of vinyl, you just can’t beat the big 12″ discs!

Anywho, Emma showed me how these decks work, and i soooo want a pair now! I thought they may be cheap (lol!!!), so i popped on to ebay, cheapest is £710 EACH, that’s not a typo, and that’s not including delivery!… Wowoweewah! that’s a lot of money for some cd players lol!… I only had a quick 5 min demonstration, but they seemed very very powerful, full of features, and i loved the fact that it had an SD card on the front for those “so hot off the press tunes, they’re not even on CD yet!”.. but £1500 for a pair is a bit steep! I had trouble paying £600 for my 1200’s, and even then, they were second hand!

They would certainly do for me to replace my old Gemini CD deck which is, to be quite honest, poor! I wish i had some!

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