Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Check my new threads!

Well i'm back! Do i really know what's going on here? Let me explain. Almost 2 years ago now (im sure!), i started this blog. A Simple blog to simply note down details about my car. The problems it had, the cost it incurred, and the progess.

Anywho, i got annoyed with Blogspot's designs, so moved briefly to a friends server. That promptly went down. So i came back to Blogspot for a month or so before shifting the blog over to blogsome.com. Even though it was using Wordpress (i like wordpress), it appeared to be very slow. Too slow for me (im impatient!). So i came back to blogspot for another short stint before dissapearing again to Wordpress.com (so i could use wordpress). However, they have strict design constraints. In order for me to change design elements, i had to pay. That's a no no for me.

Anyway, over the last 2 months or so, ive been learning CSS & XHTML. 2 Languages i've wanted to learn for years. And today, i thought i'd test myself. Here's the new design for my blogspot account, and to be honest, i REALLY like it! Coupled with blogspot's ease of use, i think i'll be staying here for a while! :)

On top of that, whilst over at Wordpress.com, i re-arranged the blog. It's no longer based on just my Pug. It covers a few of my interests. Yes, my 106 is in there. On top of that, i'll be including some articles on gadgets, tech items, games for the 360 (and the up-coming 'console wars'). Music will also feature amongst other tid-bits like reviews, and finally web-design bits.

In the meantime, i must get back to work. I will merge all my posts back here at some point soon!

Enjoy :)

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