Wednesday, December 06, 2006

making the switch

Well, in a previous post, i mentioned that i had come back to Blogspot, and redesigned the blog, only to realise that it wouldn't work with 'Blogger Beta'... But now i've done it!

That's right, i've fully switched over to 'blogger beta' now, so i can take full advantage of the new features, which include some nifty little hacks and some good layout options!

It also includes for the use of Widgets, which is always handy!

Anywho, there's some good bits to the new blogger, like labels & catagories which i like, and also the widgets down the side of the page is always handy. There's loads of stuff there that can be played with (read: hacked) and i've got a couple of ideas up my sleeve!

Only problem with the new blogger is the actual templates themselves. It's REALLY hard to see what's going on as google have added tons of new custom tag's to the mix and it's really confusing. But saying that, i managed to get the site looking almost identical to it's previous counter-part. The only difference being the date, which is now above the title, rather than below! Gawd know's how you change it! (If you do know, please post a comment!)

Right, Back to the drawing board!

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