Thursday, December 14, 2006

Tesco Value ear phones! Cheap-tastic or Cheap-plastic?

Tesco Value headphones
For months now, I've been after a proper set of earphones for my Creative Zen. I've never been a fan of headphones, the ones with the plastic strap over the head, and the painful bits of plastic on the ears. I much prefer the buds that go IN your ears.

The best pair i ever had were the ones that came with my Mp3 player, but they died a death about 6 months ago. I guess I never treated them properly. I only used them whilst i was at work, and even then, it was just one ear bud, so i had half an idea on what was going on around me.

Anyway, slowly, one deteriorated, and then 3 weeks later, the other bud died. Since then, I've tried several pairs. The best ones i tried were Panasonic, but the cable was only about 12 inches long, which is noooo good.

At the moment, I'm using a Skype ear bud (and microphone) which I was given free at a London train station 9 months ago.

Anywho, I digress, I've been on the market for a good pair of headphones. a month ago now, I was walking around Tesco's with my girlfriend, when I spotted the Tesco Value headphones for 97p! How much?!

So I bought them! I figured that i cant really go wrong for 97p!


Well, for 97p, your not going to get much for your money are you!? the packaging was your standard plastic wrapped around a bit of card which housed the headphones.


Well the ear buds actually feel quite comfortable in my ears. There's no fabric covering to give grip, but they don't really feel loose so it's not needed in my opinion. The cord feels rather cheap, and quite flimsy. So much so that if it got bent or twisted too much, it could easily break the internals.

The Actual bud's look cheap. They're black, with silver touches. I guess this is to boost the look of them, make them look a bit special! Doesn't work really. Oh, and they are branded "Technika" I assume this is a Tesco's brand.


Well, this is the most important part, and to be honest, they do sound rubbish. The actual sound quality is low, and listening to music with them does sound like your listening to music under-water.

The sound is rather flat & sounds empty. Bass is non-existent, although you do get a few low notes, it's nothing substantial. Treble is existent, but the mid-range is really what let's the sound down.


In all honesty, i was hoping to find a good bargain. Earphones at 97p which had good sound quality. In actual-fact though, the headphones are of poor quality. They look cheap, and feel it too. The sound isn't good at all, and since i bought them, I've used them twice. Once to see what the sound was like, and secondly, to write this review.

These might be good if they are for some younger kids, who are more interested in hearing anything that listening to music. But if your after some good quality sound, then these aren't for you!

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