Thursday, March 29, 2007


So a few weeks (or months, I forget) back, I was reading my favorite RSS feeds when a few of them started mentioning Mr Neighborly's 'Humble Little Ruby Book'.  It's a free PDF download of a book covering the basics & more about Ruby.

As a lover of anything free, I downloaded it.  I've got no experience in Ruby, nor do I know the first thing about Ruby... but it was free, so it was saved and hidden in my crazy filing system.

So yesterday, I posted about sticking XAMPP on my USB Pen Drive, and then posted a second time about getting Ruby onto my pen drive to create a more flexible working environment, and also to allow me to learn Ruby.

You see, I'm always interested in developing my skills.  I've got a fair few books at home regarding HTML, PHP & CSS, but I want to learn more languages.  Stupid really, I'd rather master one language, rather than being a 'Jack of all trades, Master of none'.

So anyway, as I was saying.  I found the PDF today, whilst at work. And i accidentally (read: on purpose) pressed print, and printed out all 140+ pages before cutting & carving a box for it out of a bigger box, and stashing it in my car!

I don't know about anyone else, but I try and aim for a paperless work-space.  I'd sooner read the news online, before picking up a paper.  I can read hundreds of RSS feeds a day but when it comes to learning, then i cannot do on-screen doc's.  I'd much rather have a paper document in-front of me, something to refer to rather than switching from Adobe to what-ever program I'm using, and then back!

Maybe when i can afford my widescreen monitor / laptop display, i can run 2 programs side by side and not have to switch between the two, but for now...

LOL, I had intended on writing 2 lines on this post... ho hum!

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