Thursday, November 03, 2005 links

Last week, i heard about a new browser which has hit the market. Well, i say that, it's still in it's pre-release state, and not overly stable, but Flock 0.5 is new none-the-less, and i like new stuff.

Flock is built on the Firefox browser, and is geared more towards sharing. So it comes built in with favourites rather than 'normal' bookmarks. Whatever you bookmark on flock, it's automatically stored on Quite a nifty idea i thought. Only problem being is that i didnt have a account. So i promptly signed up (it's free, and we all like freebies!) and to be honest, i quite like the new linking system. It also uses Flickr to share photo's.

As for flock, it's quite cool. I wont be using it just yet. I think i'll stick with firefox, but i will definatly keep an eye on Flock as it could be good in the future.

Anywho, whilst looking through the website, i found the "linkroll" which is a bit of code you stick on your website and it let's other people see the bookmarks you've saved. So i've added that to the sidebar on the right!... Spread the love, share the love. you know how it is!

Other than that, im thinking about moving the blog again (lol), i also think the exhaust is playing up on the pug as it seems quite noisy and it also appears to have lost some power!... Maybe another seal has gone... maybe i should go for a proper exhaust rather than a crappy kwikfit jobby.

Oh, and i get to see 'BWS's' scooby on Saturday. Quite looking forward to that :)... piccies soon come!

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