Monday, November 07, 2005

Have i seen the light?...

H & I went to suffolk at the weekend for a fireworks night party. I didn't take any photo's, but got a lot of footage on the vid-cam! So once i work out how to get it on the PC i'll be sorted. We also went up to suffolk to see their new motor. I tell you what, it's a lot of motor for not a lot of money!

They have bought a Subaru Impreza WRX Sti wagon for a shade of £2,500, which is a bargain if ever i saw one. It's automatic (hmm), It's a turbo (woooo), and it's all wheel drive so damn fun!. I was a bit apprehensive to drive it and didn't really want to drive it to be honest as i know what my driving's like and with that much power (around 250bhp) it could get quite messy. Not only that, but i've never driven an automatic before, so the last thing i wanted to do was crash it!

But we found a quite road and parked up. I was handed the keys... EEEP!... So anyway, got in the drivers seat, took a crash course on automatics, and then set about having a quick drive of it. I didnt want to push it so i ended up creeping along the road getting used to the car, but BWS was in the passanger seat egging me on saying "at this rate, we'll be home for christmas"... Sooo... I put my foot down and oh... my.... god..... that thing flies like s**t off a shovel. Went flying up this quiet road, round a bend to be met by a tractor so promptly slowed down (tested the brakes... they were good!). I Then overtook the tractor at an alarming rate (as the scooby has the power to do this!) before getting to a round-about, turning around, and heading back towards the car park!.

I'd seriously love one of these cars. They are not pretty to look at by any stretch of the imagination, but the power more than makes up for it and it was a real pleasure to drive. The car feels solid on the straights, and feels as if it is on the rails when going round the corners. The power delivery is nice and smooth and certainly plants you into your seat when you accelerate. The turbo-lag is a bit of a let-down. You put your foot down and you have to wait for the power to kick in, but all in all.. it's a damn fine motor. And i'd be cracking open the money pot and searching for one if it hadn't been for the insurance. The cheapest quote i got was £1650!... WOW.

Anyways, here is the scooby!

On another note, the pug is a bit worse for wear, im sure the exhaust or the cat has knackered as it's a bit slow on the up-take and rather noisy to boot.... eeeesh!

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