Monday, November 21, 2005

it get's worse...

Going on from my post on Friday about a few problems with the 106. On Saturday, i took the car back to Rapid-Fit in Lowestoft to get the funny sound looked at. My original thought was a warped disc, and seeing as Rapid-fit done the brakes 8 months back, if it was the problem, they could fix it under waranty!... Alas, it wasn't a warped disc. The dodgy sound is coming from a knackered driveshaft knuckle. NOT what i wanted to hear. Other problems that the nice mechanic spotted included:
  • A blowing coming from the front part of the exhaust system.
  • Excessive travel in the handbrake. Either requires welding or new shoes in the rear drums.
  • A bald tyre (now rectified).
Oh joy! So i've just got back from the local tyre place to replace the front tyre which was bald. So a new tyre on there, and i thought whilst i was there, i'd get the valve replaced in the back tyre which appears to keep going down... turn's out there was a big f***in nail stuck in there! So that's been repaired.

The leaky radiator is playing games still. It hasn't leaked in almost a week after releiving itself of it's contents all over the road last monday. In the 2 day's following, i put in 5 litres of water and i could see that it was leaking, however, as i said, it hasn't leaked since last wednesday, and that's after nearly 400 miles of driving. How queer. Never-the-less, my dad has yet again prevailed, and has a shiny new radiator sitting at his house waiting for me.

Lastly, over the weekend, BWS & I fitted a head unit into the Scooby. It was quite hard to do. Halfords didn't have an ISO connector to fit the scooby, so we hard-wired the lot and it worked! Also, the scooby has a double din socket (twice the size of a normal head unit). So we had to fabricate a facia panel to make the whole install look a hell of a lot nicer! Again, Halfords couldn't help us on a facia panel, so off to wickes we went, and purchased some materials to create our own. I don't have pictures, but the job was a good'un!

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