Wednesday, February 28, 2007

H! for Hadouken...

At work, we have the radio on.  Now this is nice as it makes us work better (sure it does!) Alternatively, for some musical delight, I plug in my Sennheisers, switch on my Creative and tune into some beats!

However, some of the time, I just listen to the radio as it's easier.  Having to pause and play my MP3 player every time the phone rings is a pain!

Now in the office, we have 6 people.  I'm the youngest at 25. Then there's 35, 48, 52, 55 and 61.   So as you can imagine, the office's musical tastes vary considerably.

Generally though, the radio stays on "Virgin Radio". It's a good station, mainly rock & indie music.  Keeps most happy.  Other times, somebody will change it to Magic, but this is pure brain melt. It's ok for the mornings when you wake up, or the evenings when your winding down... but during the day, you'll die!

Yesterday though, we changed stations, and boy I'm glad!  We put it onto BBC Radio 1 which plays a mix of rock, pop & dance.  A nice mix that has gone something for everyone, but generally "too young" for most people in the office.  I Digress.  We were listening to Jo Whiley yesterday morning, and she played her record of the week, 'Hadouken - That Boy, That Girl!'...

My my my, what a tune!  This has a real upbeat funky, yet dark feel to it!  It's a cross between grime & indie, and although I'm not a huge fan of either, when they come together, it's spot on!  The beats are tight, and punchy!  The bassline is very reminiscent to Wiley and the vocals are a cross between a grime MC & a rock band!  I personally think this tune is a cracker and will definitely be looking forward to listening to some future tracks!

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