Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Wii will rock you? NOT JUST YET...

So the other week, H's brother, colcoomagnumar e-mailed me to say he'd finally bought himself a Wii. 

Now I own an xb0x360. I also own an original Xbox & a Playstation2.  I also have a Gameboy advance in a drawer somewhere.  I have an original Playstation at my parents house, along with a Sega Master System, Mega- Drive (Genesis), Saturn, SuperNES, N64 amongst other consoles.  I Had a fair few.

Whereas colcoomagnumar doesn't really do consoles. He's more of a PC Gamer, but last year, he bought himself a Nintendo DS, and has then turned into a right Nintendo fanboy!  Constantly going on about how revolutionary the Wii is (and the DS for that matter), how much fun it is, and how everyone in the world should own a Wii.

So I was quite excited to learn that he was coming to our place last night for an evening of Wii-action!  After finally getting home, the Wii was all set up and to be honest, physically, it looked quite nice.  Reminiscent of a Mac.  Lots of shiny white plastic!

The Wii-mote's are rather nice too!  As I mentioned earlier, I've played a lot of games on various different consoles, so I am used to using a gamepad, so I thought it'd feel very strange controlling games with a remote control, but after one or two games, it actually felt quite natural!  I really like the way that you control what-ever's happening whilst swinging your arms like a mad-man!

The only downside for me though, is the games.  We didn't actually get any serious gaming done (well the Wii isn't really a serious console is it?), but we did have a good go on Wii-Sports.  We had a 3-way game of Tennis, that was fun, and rather intuitive!  Bowling was fun, and so was the baseball! 

We didn't actually manage to squeeze in any more games as he was only round for a few hours, but next time, we'll have a better go!

All in all though, the brief time I had with the Wii didn't really leave a lasting impression.  It looks nice, and it would definitely suite a space I've currently got going un-occupied underneath my TV.  The Wii is also rather slick in the fact that wii-motes control everything and do it quite well!  But for me, as mentioned, the lack of games let it down.

For me though, the Wii is more of a party tool rather than a gaming machine!  And yes, It'd be very good if your a social person (I'm not).  I can imagine it'd be great fun with a whole group of people round, having a few drinks, few games of wii-boxing etc.. But to sit down in an evening and play games, I'd sooner pick up my 360 Controller.

Maybe in the future though, when there's more games available, and i've had more of a go on the Wii, then we may invest (my girlfriend has also expressed the same)... but until then, I'm still loving that ring of light + some serious Gears of War gaming!!

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