Friday, February 25, 2005

Eeek.. That's a bit expensive!

Just been on the phone to my local Peugeot dealer to get some rough idea of the prices for the parts needed on my car... I knew Peugeot would be expensive, but surely, it cant get any worse than this... Can it?!

Rocker Gasket (TU3MC engine) = £10
Headlights (Both sides) = £60 each
Mirror Glass (Drivers side) = £15

So to get some of the main problems done on my car will cost me £145 if i were to purchase the parts from Peugeot. Now i can assure you that wont happen!. Hehe

I think i have also figured out why my car is a bit hesitant when accelorating some times. This could be due to an old air filter. Time to get that replaced i think!

Other than that, the car's been pretty good recently. We've had a bit of snow round where we have (along with the whole eastern side of the UK) which has proved to make drivers think they need to act like idiots. Took me over 2 hours to get to work today. Which is just under 10 miles from where i live...hmmm

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