Monday, February 28, 2005

Help me stop the car =\

Well, friday night, it had been arranged that my girlfriend & I would drive upto Suffolk to see her family, and to take her brother home. So friday night, we finished work, had a bite to eat, and then set on our journey to Suffolk. It usually takes around 3 hours, and it's a 150mile trip.

So, we hit the motorway, and i was taking it easy as it had been snowing recently! Anyway, the snow had all melted, but i was still being cautious because of the ice. Got to ipswich, and saw a bit of snow around there.

Something else i noticed when we got to ipswich was that the car was making a rather horrible grinding noise when i touched the brake, or steered left. Oh dear oh dear oh dear.

Turns out the brake pad's had completly worn away down to the metal, which in turn had scored the disks and ruined them on the left side of the car. And the right side was on it's way out too!...

So i was in Lowestoft, Suffolk, with a car that was dangerous to drive, no tools, and the closest place was "Rapid-Fit". So saturday morning, i headed off to Rapid-Fit, and they confirmed that it was the pads & discs.... £120 lighter, and my car had new brakes.

Yippee!... What's next?

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