Thursday, February 10, 2005

My "to-do" list!

There always seems like there is something that needs doing on the Pug!.. One of them being the leaky rocker gasket i seem to have. As can be seen by the picture i've uploaded, there's an oil leak coming from the rocker gasket! I've not had the rocker cover off yet, as i'd rather wait until i can get a gasket to replace it with!.. I did actually go to a local car spares place to get one, but apparantly, there are 3 different types of rocker gasket for my engine, so a phone call to peugeot would be in order to see if they can tell me for sure!

Next up would be to fix the headlight after my bump a few months back. As you can see from the picture, the sockets that hold the headlamp in place have cracked and broken (3 of them to be honest!), so a new headlight is in order before my MOT in June!... still got 4 months to go until i can find one!... better keep my eyes open on eBay! I did actually see a set going for a couple of quid the day after this happened, however, i forgot to bid!... mmm

And last but not least (so far anywho), is to replace the mirror & glass which got broken by someone's inability to drive!... Again, probably another visit to eBay is on the cards! little parts like this for the 106 are few and far between on eBay, but they aint half cheap!.... I just have to remember to bid on them!.. hehe.. oops!

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