Thursday, February 03, 2005


After having my new exhaust fitted, the car seemed to drive no different around town.. i thought it would have an improvement seeing as the old exhaust had been blowing for 2 years (even after it was looked at!).. However, i done a 300 mile round-trip at the weekend (London > Lowestoft) and the car seemed to pull a lot better at high speeds than before... which did put a grin on my face =)

The indicators are now back to normal, however, nothing has been done about it!... They just "started working" again!... The problem with that is, cos the problem is intermittant and doesnt seem to be consistant with anything, it's hard to take it to a garage so they can diagnose the problem, as sod's law will prevail, and the lights will work fine when it's at a garage, but a day later, they wont work again!!

Yesterday, i thought i may have screwed my clutch (again!). During a moment of madness on my way to work, i sat in a queue of traffic on a hill (facing uphill) holding the car at biting point for a few minutes whilst i was day-dreaming abuot something or other... Anywho, after that lil moment of madness, i had thoroughly heated up the clutch, and in my remaining 30 seconds of travel to work, it felt like i had burnt the clutch out. BUT, it was ok when i came out of work!.. Phew.. That would of been the 3rd clutch in as many years!!!.. Note to self: DO NOT WRECK CLUTCH!

Im off for a gander on eBay to see if i can find some parts to replace the "niggles" currently on my car!

What else has happened to the car?... not a great deal really!.. Everything *seems* to be working ok touch wood!! But i shall keep a log of any future problems.. Just-in-case!!!

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