Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Grrr.. i hate internet explorer!

errorerror Hosted on Zooomr

What a swizz! Im trying to debug this error, and can't for the life of me, figure out why it's failing! It works in Firefox, and also Opera, but not IE7 (and probably IE6 too!).

The page loads, and then this error box appears, and the page then says "page cannot be displayed"... Whhhhy!?

Any ideas, comment me please!

+ Extras

So i've just done some googling and it appears that Internet Explorer doesn't like it when there's javascript wrapped in a <table> element.. Wtf!!

First off, how the hell does half the crap on the net work!? Secondly, SunRunRally.com is completely table-free (as far as im aware?). So what's the problem!?

Never mind, i lodged the javascript from the website, and implemented a php-based count-down script. It does the same, but doesn't produce an error! The only javascript running now is the stats based code...


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