Wednesday, April 04, 2007

RIP - Dusty :(

My sister gave me a call yesterday to say that one of my old cats (still living at my parents house) was no longer with us :(

Dusty (she was black all over, with a flash of white under her chin which looked like dust) was quite old, Probably about 16yrs old. Apparantly, she got into a fight with a fox a few gardens down from where my parent's live.

The man whos garden it was phoned my mum who came over and found dusty. She took her to the vets immediatly, but unfortunatly, Dusty had to be put down. The vet mentioned that Dusty had a suspected broken neck caused during the fight.

Dusty was a real nice cat, but she's been ill for the last 2 years or so, with quite a few scares where she wouldn't eat at all for weeks on end. Over the last 6 months though, she's been incredibly thin! She eats though. As soon as her food is in front of her, she'll eat it all, and then start on the other cat's food... but yet she didn't gain any weight. My brother seems to think she had a disease, or a problem with her Kidneys or something.

Dusty, RIP.

+ Additional (4 apr 07)

My sister just phoned to say that jessie, her 18month old kitten has just given birth to 5 kittens! heeeee!

++ Even more additional (10 Apr 07)

I visited my parents place over the easter weekend, and caught some snaps which are now up on my Zooomr.

This is Dusty (1, 2 - RIP), Copper, PrudenceJessie and finally... Kittens (1, 2).

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