Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Project Gotham Racing 3 (360)

I recently borrowed this off a collegue at work as I was quite intrigued by it.  I wanted to buy a good racing game for the 360, and PGR3 was my best bet, but with Forza 2 just around the corner, did i really want to purchase this? 


So i borrowed it, and it's a fantastic looking game!  It really is!  The graphics are gorgeous, the effects are perfect, and the car's are amazing!

Gameplay is most enjoyable.  It's had me picking up my controller as much as possible over the last couple of weeks trying to win me some money so i can purchase some of the more high-end motors!

To be honest though, i found some of the game too be too easy.  My first purchase was a Nissan Skyline, and that trounced most others cars in the races.  After a few championships, i had enough money to buy a Ruf Turbo.  This won me more money and i bought a McLaren F1, which i more or less raced all the way to the end of the game.  All in all, i only really needed 3 motors to complete all 23 championships!  Speaking of which, the last championship, the Nurburgring Endurance Eliminator.  This put the fear of god in me.  I thought it'd be an hour long, 6 lap race around the whole of the nurburging circuit!  But no, it was a short lap against 3 other motors. I completed it twice (once on medium, once on hardcore), and it was proper easy!

I only bought more car's purely because of the achievements.  I had to buy all the lamborghini's & Ferrari's to be part of their respective car clubs which earned me a few points!   I also had to purchase a select 7 exotic car's which earned me another achievement (Which i picked up last night!). 

After checking my stat's last night, im upto about 60% of the game!  Which isn't bad! I've still got bits & peices to do but i've finished the main career mode. 

Another thing that annoys me is that games coming out rely on online play for achievements.  What if i dont want to spend £30 a year to play online?!  Because i dont want to play online, it means i can't get the last few achievements, which means i'll never earn the full pointage on acheivements!

Never mind, it's still a cracking game and it's got me in the mood for Forza2 when it lands next month (i think!).

Unfortunatly, i'll have to give the came back to my work-mate, so i'll have to buy the game pretty soon anywho!.. I've spotted it in my local CEX at the weekend for £17 or so! 

By the time i come to buy it in a few months though, it'll be cheaper!  I've still got a pile of game's i want to finish! including Gears of War!!

PGR get's my thumbs up!..

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