Tuesday, April 26, 2005

I can see clearly now...

Sunday morning saw me heading over to see my dad. He had in his possesion, 2 brand spanking new headlights for the 106. Got to his place, had the obligatory cup of tea, and then got to work on the pug. Unfortunatly, no camera was available, as i 'forgot' to charge it up!. My bad!

First step was to remove the old headlights. Starting on the drivers side, we started by assessing the clips, and how the headlights were held on. Luckily though, the drivers side light was only held on by 1 clip as i managed to break the others when i had a little accident 6 months back. It seemed as if the headlights had a small plastic clip which clipped onto some 'nubs' on the bodywork, so a bit of excess strength, we managed to prise the headlight off of the car and almost taking the indicator with us! We didnt realise that the indicator is clipped onto the headlight.

Eventually, we removed the headlight from the car, got the new headlight, and transferred the bulbs over to the new unit, and then clipped it straight back in!.. Not a problem, and it's as sturdy as an ox!... Superb!

Next up was the passanger side. Not a problem there, removed the headlight as before, switched the bulbs and went to put it back on!.. Problem now was that one of the clips wasn't holding on to the nub. So out come the pliers, and we squeezed this metal clip (which looked like a paperclip) to make a tighter connection. This appeared to be tooo tight, so we loosened it a smidge, and got it all back together!

So now i have 2 quality, shiny, brand new headlights. The old ones have been lodged in the bin, and i can now focus on finding somewhere that stocks the Philips bluevision Ultra bulbs which i am after!

On a sidenote, Marlboro Red cigarettes are truly shocking... but that's not for here!

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