Thursday, April 28, 2005

Oooh.. Presents for me =)

oooh, look what turned up for the little pug in the post this morning! A pair of Philips Blue Vision Ultra H4 bulbs. And also included in the package was a set of W5W sidelight bulbs! YAY!...

After consulting the people over on the PGAC forum, i decided to pay a visit to! I purchased the set for £18 at lunchtime yesterday, and they were deliverd to my office this morning! Very pleased with the service from Powerbulbs!... I should get the chance to fit these today, which im looking forward to, as tomorrow evening, im off to Suffolk, and no doubt, i'll be driving in the dark at some point! My existing bulbs, the "Elta" bulbs i blogged about a few months back really are useless in the dark, and do not light up the road at all! And they also give off a rather naff yellow tint.

According to pictures ive seen of cars with the Philips bulbs in, they give off a nice white / blue tint so im looking forward to that! As said, i should be fitting them today, and taking them for a nice leisurely test tomorrow (15o+ miles), so expect a report of sorts next week sometime!

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