Monday, April 18, 2005

Sooo many pipes. What to do...

After the "Engine outlet to heater Matrix" pipe sprung a leak a week ago, i've been driving rather steadily 'just-in-case' it goes again, but on saturday, we set to work getting the old hose off, and replacing it with the new hose from Pug. I picked up the hose on Thursday, £15 lighter, i had a rather bendy black hose, with black braiding around the middle. I assume this is to stop the heat getting to the rubber pipe as it runs around the engine, and very close to the engine block!

Anywho, Saturday afternoon, i phoned up my dad, and he agreed to help me replace it! Top man!

Got to my dad's house about 3ish, and we got to work about half hour later. Had to let the engine cool down slightly! Popped the bonnet, and had a look to see what was what, what went were and how we were gonna replace this hose.

First up, we had to remove the air filter, the housing, and the box which bridges the air filter & fuel injection housing. This gave us a fair bit more room, but still not overly adequate, as the hose runs right through the centre of the engine space, looping over pipes, under brake bits and then into the heater matrix at the back of the engine bay!.. Half hour later, we had removed all the bits we needed to! Thankfully!

Next up was removing the akward clips that Peugeot like to use on the pipes throughout the engine bay! They couldn't be easy and use Jubilee clips all the way through, noooo, they have to use these stupid clips which you need a strong pair of mole-grips or similar to remove! And in a small car, with not a lot of access room, trying to remove these clips is a mission in it's self!

We got the first clip off fairly easily, after grazing some knuckles on the radiator fan and what not. Removing the hose provided some wet t-shirts as the water poured out of the hose. Time for another cuppa, whilst we let the water supside, and the pressure to calm down!

Next up was getting the clip off on the other end of the Hose. Which proved slightly more difficult. There was an identical hose going from the heater matrix into something else, which just happened to be sitting on top of the pipe we wanted to replace. So we had to remove that first, with more grazed knuckles and what-not, we finally managed to remove that with the good ol' mole grips. Then onto the hose we WANTED to remove. The clip for this was twisted around the other way and extremely difficult to get to as it seemed that everything was in the way! After removing more pipes and what not, we finally got the old hose off, and was soon after thrown in the dustbin! Time to get the new hose on!

Reconnecting it was easier said than done. We started from the back of the engine, and got the new pipe on after much deliberation, thinking about how it was going to be done etc. As said, the small 106 engine bay hindered us on our project. But eventually, we got the end of the hose on! And whilst we were working at the back of the engine bay, we re-fitted the inlet pipe i spoke of earlier. Re-adjusting the clips so they were easily accesible for future works! HA! Stick that in your pipe and smoke it Peugeot!

Finally, we got the hose fitted both ends, with some difficultly, but all was done in the end. My dad popped in to the house to get the kettle on, and told me to carry on putting everything back on!.. Not one for hanging around, i proceeded to get it all back on in record time. Dad came out 5 mins later and asked how i was getting on, and i told him i had done it all!. He didnt seem to believe me, and proceeded to check it over, but it had all been done correctly! All pipes back on, everything screwed down and perfectly sorted... i think!

Once we had bled the water system,filled it up and sorted all that out, our efforts turned to the back of the car, where one of my brake lights had blown (again), this is the 5th time since owning the car!... However, my dodgy memory failed me again, and i couldnt even remember what side of the car had gone, let alone what bulb, but with a bit of help, all was sorted!

I guess it's a good thing that all these problems keep happening on the car as im learning a lot on how to fix bits & peices, replacing bit after bit is allowing me to gain a certain amount of knowledge on engine's and give me a bit of an insight into mechanical engineering... I did cover half of this in my college course, but that was 6 years ago, i cant be expected to remember all of it! lol!

The only other problem with the car was Friday night / Saturday Morning. "H" was out with her Girlfriends unwinding after a stressful week! She txt me about 1am askin if i wanted to join her and her friends, so i thought why not!. Jumped in the car and drove the short journey between our place and where she was. Only takes 4 mins tops in the car!... Halfway there, i noticed the car was slightly pulling to the left.. I thought it was all in my mind. When i got to her friends house, 4 mins later, i had to literally hold the steering wheel at an angle to get it to drive in a straight line!.. Pulled up at her friends, and found a flat tyre.. oh joy! So i popped in, had a drink or too, said hello, and then went out to change my tyre... i must of looked rather dodgy changing a tyre on my car at 3 in the morning in a residents car parking bay! But 10 mins later, all was fixed, and the car was up & running again!.. Wooo!

Until next time... The Pug is fully functional!

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