Friday, April 22, 2005


After mentioning a few months back about the need of a set of new headlights, i think im on a right result here!... My dad phoned me on wednesday evening. He said "What car is it you've got? a 206?" to which i replied that no, i had a 106, and it was an M-reg 1995. I asked him why he wanted to know, and he told me that there wasn't a reason, he was curious!... So i assumed that he was looking into why my car seems to have a few flat spots in the rev range!

Well last night he phoned me up and said he has got 2 new headlights for me!... "Back of the net".. He had told his mate who is a mechanic by trade, and his mate was able to sort me out a set! So i asked my dad how much they cost and he said "im not telling you".. So i asked him how much he wanted for them to which he replied "dont worry about it"... Wooo!

I shall be picking those up at the weekend & fitting them to the car, obviously taking pictures along the way for this site!.

Also at the weekend, im meeting up with a few friends of mine who i haven't seen in aaaages!. One of them drive's a kitted up Renault Clio, 17" alloys, full bodykit and a lot of ICE. He has told me he is getting TV Screens fitted in the back of his head rests soon! He's also getting a custom cooling air intake sorted for his engine bay, which is being designed by K-Tec Racing (i think!). On the Clios (like some pug's), the air filter sits behind the engine, so the air filter is sucking in hot air rather than cold air! This is no good as the engine requires dense cold air to run properly! It can still run on hot air, but it doesn't run as well as it should!... So i think i will be looking into something similar! Re-locating my air filter to the front of the engine, to aid in coool air!

Im still in two minds what to do about the car though... so far, i've come up with 3 different ideas.
1) Save up, sell the 106 & purchase a 106 GTi.
2) Save up, sell the 106 & purchase an XSi / Rallye (love the look of the Mk1's) and maybe drop a 16v GTi engine in there..
3) Save up, keep my car, cut rear arches to accomodate 15" alloys, replace existing 1.4 engine with a 16v 1.6 Gti engine. Sort suspension & brakes, source an XSi kit to go on the arches etc

Either way, i want a 16v GTi engine in my car!... Whether it's my 106 that is sitting outside looking rather dirty (found an unmade road the other day so thought id 'rally it up' a bit) or i purchase an XSi and shoe-horn a 16v in there.. or just be done with it and buy a GTi!... It's a difficult decision. Dont get me wrong, i love my 106, but unfortunatly, it's got to the stage where things are starting to go wrong with it. It seems like every other week, im replacing bits & peices! Maybe i'll look for a knackered 106 XSi, and then work on that at the weekends. Learn abit more about mechanics and such forth!.. I can see it now.. Get an non-running XSi for cheap. Dump the engine. Clean the car up, replacing parts as i go! Fit the 16v, drop it and turn it into a right little street sleeper!... Im a fan of the phrase, "a wolf in sheeps clothing". Maybe tune the 16v engine upto about 150bhp!... oooh.. it's starting to come together! maybe it'll happen.. maybe not, but here's hoping (and dreaming)!

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