Wednesday, April 13, 2005

oooh, Smoke, that's not good!

Yup, more problems... Last thursday (07/04), i was driving home from work. This particular day was nice and sunny, i had the windows open, sunroof open, tunes on the stereo, and i was enjoying the weather. Stopped in traffic, checked my mobile, and there was a txt from "H" (My Girlfriend) asking to pick her up from work! Not a problem i thought. Started replying to say i was on my way, looked up to see if the traffic had moved yet, and i noticed a lot of smoke coming from underneath the bonnet... now at this point, i was slightly worried, pulled the car tothe side of the road, cut the engine and jumped out!.

Upon further inspection under the bonnot, it wasn't actually smoke, but steam. One of the water hoses had split and there was water spouting out all over the radiator, which was creating the steam. Luckily enough, i had pulled over outside a Kwik Fit.

Popped in there to see if they had some thick sticky tape to cover the hole so i could at least get home, and they said no, best place was a shop just up the road, but didnt advise me to drive the car due to the risk of the engine blowing up. "Sod it" i thought, they close at 5:30, and it was 5:20. It's a 15 min walk, or a 3 min drive. So jumped in the car, took the back roads to avoid the traffic, got to the shop and asked the old guy inside

me: "Hello mate, i've split a water pipe in my car, it's a peugeot 106, and it's leaking water all over the place. Do you have a replacement?"
Old man: "what sort of car is it?"
me: Peugeot 106
Old man: What sort of pipe is it?
me: Water pipe, coming from a box of sorts which is connected to the radiator, and it leads round the back of the engine, i cant seem to see where it goes
Old man: So it's a water pipe you say?
me: Yup!
Old man: Do you know what it's called?
me: No
Old man: Cant help you then!
me: My car's parked outside, can you have a quick look?
Old man: No, im about to close
me: It'll take you 2 minutes!
Old man: Sorry, cant help!

Sod that, so walked out.. sat in the car and pondered... i phoned my dad, he said he might have some tape at home, and if i could get the car there, he would have a look!... Sooo, i decided to get the car home as fast as possible without risking the engine... Took as many backroads as i could remember, and as luck would have it, i drove past my local peugeot parts dept. Pulled in but they were shut, however, one of the garage doors were open. I poked my head in, and there were still a few guys hangin around. Spoke to one of them, and he told me that the pipe would need replacing at a cost of £15. But labour would be about 2 hours, and Pug charge £79+vat an hour labour.. sooo, to replace a hose, would cost me around £200!. LOL!

Said thank you (politly), jumped back in the car and got back to my dads where he looked at it. The hole was near the top of the pipe, so we pulled the pipe off, cut out the offending section, and replaced the pipe!... Took all of 15 minutes, and has been ok since then. I have already ordered a new hose from Pug, and will be fitting that at the weekend... and the pipe was called an "engine outlet to heater matrix" according to my Haynes manual!

Oh the joy's of owning a Peugeot. Seriously, i wouldn't have it any other way!

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