Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Get well soon Kennedy!

I've not mentioned this before on my blog, but last year, one of my good friends, Kennedy was diagnosed with cancer of the mouth. 

He's a strong lad, but faar too young at only 23! 

He's gone through his course of chemo, which lasted roughly a year!  Unfortunatly though, I heard yesterday that the cancer has returned.  The last 2 sessions of Chemo that Jimmy (DJ Kennedy) went through wasn't strong enough and the cancer has re-formed which is a crashing blow to his recovery plan.

I've had some fantastic times with Jimmy!  He never fails to make anyone laugh!  He is one of the nicest guys you could possibly meet and i wish him the best in his recovery!

Speaking of which, my girlfriend Helena will be running the 'Race for Life' charity run in Croydon on 13th May 2007.  It's all in aid of Cancer Research, and Helena has stated that she'll be running for Jimmy...

I Race for Life for..Jimmys recovery xx

If you'd like to sponsor Helena in her run and donate to Cancer Research UK, please click here.  You can donate via credit card, and it's a one off donation and very secure.  Every little helps and remember, you'll be helping so many people! 

Dont forget, if you do want to donate and your a UK Taxpayer, please GIFT your tax to Cancer Research.  This means that any tax on your donation will go to Cancer Research instead of the taxman!

Thank you for reading, and let's all wish Jimmy a speedy recovery and send our thoughts out to his family & friends!!

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