Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Oh crap!

I think my xbox360's about to die.

For the last couple of weeks, it's been crashing on me.  I'd be mid-way through a race on PGR3, and it'd freeze.  I'll be punching some punks in Saints Row, and it'll freeze.  I'd be 'bussin a cap' in someones ass in Mercenaries: playground of destruction, and it'd go pear shaped!


After posting on the Xbox.com forums about my problem, it turns out that this is the start of what is known as the Xbox - Red ring of death.

Basically, the green lights on the front of the box turn red to suggest there's a problem with the box.

I e-mailed Microsoft, and told them about my problem.  They suggested reading an article in their knowledge base.  I Read that, and followed the instructions and still no luck.  I tried playing Saints Row last night.  I tried 5 times, and every single time, it'd crash within 5 minutes of turning it on!

I Then posted on the Xbox forum and pretty much everyone said that the 360 is on it's way out!  Jord619 mentioned that his 360 done the same thing before seeing the red ring o' death.

You will be getting the 3 red lights of death soon, this is how it started with mine.

I've yet to see the red ring o' death, but im pretty sure it's lurking there.  Waiting until i least expect it, and then BAM!  I'll be 360-less, and cast back into the previous generation of consoles!  I'll have to dust off my Xbox1 or PS2 and bring them out of retirement!

This creates a problem though!  On Saturday evening (well, midnight!), H & I decided to have a move around of the lounge.  We moved the decks, the sofa's and the cabinets to create a more open space in the Lounge.  As nice as that is, it just wont work when it comes to the PS2 or Xbox1.  Purely because the controllors are wired.  It wont reach my sofa!  Arrghh!  Damned Microsoft & their inferior yet fantastic product!

It's come at such a bad time for me, as on Sunday, H's dad kindly donated his old 28" widescreen TV to us to replace our old standard tv.  I was getting excited because i could plug the 360 in via component cables, I could also plug in my headphones so that i could get proper sound and H could read a book or something in silence (as opposed to shooting, screams, and engine noises!)..

But it's all gone pear!   So tomorrow evening (when i've got an hour or so), i'm going to phone up the UK Xbox support team and see what they can suggest!

I hope they can replace my box, or fix it for free.. It's only 8 months old goddamnit!

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