Thursday, May 10, 2007

zomg! too big for windows!

So you know I've got dealings with, right?  Well I met up with my mate KeithTrue who's running it last night to work on some designs for the new advert!

During his visit, he handed me a SunRunRally window sticker (which I'd been asking for for ages)!   Hurrah I thought, until I opened it up...

It's massive!  I wanted a small discreet item that would fit in my rear quarter window to match the PGAC window sticker i already have, but noooo, the  window sticker is actually too big for my rear quarter windows!

So what am I to do?  My first thought was, instead of applying the whole lot as one sticker, i'd apply each letter individually, de-creasing the kerning and allowing it all to fit, but unfortunately, it's pretty tight as it is! 

So my only other option is to chop off the www. and just leave it as

Sticking it in my rear window, or along my windscreen is too much for me, so that won't be happening!


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