Thursday, May 03, 2007

Putting the 360 to rest

Some of you may remember that i posted last week about my Xbox playing silly buggers.  Well, I gave it another go on Sunday.  H was on the PC, and I was at a loose end so I thought i'd give Saint's Row another bash!.

That failed miserably.  Meh!

So last night, i phoned Xbox Customer Support.  And to be quite honest, they were really nice.  I spoke to a lady called Naomi and she almost gave me a heartattack when she told me my 360 wasn't registered.  I thought that'd mean that it was not under warranty but after a quick run through with a couple of questions, i was told that my 360 was still indeed, under warranty and would be repaired, free of charge!  Woooo

So we quickly ran through a couple of things from the knowledge base, Naomi kindly informed me that all the facts pointed to a hardware fault and my 360 would need to be sent away for repair!

She said she'd email me the shipping labels (which i've now got), and i could send my Xbox in for repair as soon as i got the labels.  So my 360 is all packaged up in some bubble wrap (here and here).  However, there's a slight problem.  The address on the shipping label isn't what i told them on the phone.

So i've had to phone them up again this morning and told them the address was wrong.  Unfortunatly, they'll have to send me a new shipping label with the correct address, but this wont get to me until tomorow, so that means another day's delay when it comes to getting my box back!

Never mind though, as long as i do get it back, that's the main thing!  I was even contemplating purchasing another 360 (just a core system) to replace my busted console.  I've never thought like that before.  I've had plenty of broken consoles (3x Master Systems, 2x Mega Drives, 1x Snes, 1x CD32, 1x Playstation and 1x Playstation2), but i've never thought "right, let's go buy another one" before i've even looked into the problem.

But yeah, that's the sorry state of affairs at the moment.  I've plugged my dusty PS2 into my new TV now so at least im getting some gaming in.  A few hours of "Simpsons: Hit & Run" last night provided some amusement...

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