Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Finally finished Gears o' War

As i mentioned yesterday, I got my 360 back.  And a lot sooner than expected after reading stories on about people waiting months! 

Upon opening the box, my console was all neatly wrapped up along with a letter saying that the motherboard was faulty and had been replaced.  There was also another sheet of paper telling me i'd have to re-sync my controllers, and also a customer service survey which i'll be filling out tonight!  Also, to my surprise, was a one month voucher for Xbox Live 'Gold'.  Wooo!  So I'll register that soon and maybe have a bit of multi-player Gears!

Speaking of which, for the last 3 months, i've not played Gears purely because i was stuck at the end.  I Just couldn't defeat General Raam.  I tried and tried... and then gave up!

So after reading on the net about how you kill him, I tried some more... and still failed.

So I waited for Helena's brother, Colcoo to visit.  Last time he visited, he brought his Wii, so we didn't have a chance to co-op on Gears, but he's been down for the last couple o' days, so last night, we fired up the 360 and to my surprise, we defeated him on our second attempt!

Now obviously i couldn't do this on my own!  I had trouble staying alive for more than a minute, however, in co-op mode, player 2 can revive your health when your dying which definatly helped last night!  And obviously a few well placed sniper shots from Colcoo and a machine gun to the head by myself, and we'd finished the game... 5 months after i got it.

The problem is though, we finished it on... umm... casual.  Easiest of the easy.  D'oh!

So for a laugh, we started another co-op game on 'insane' and that wasn't as hard as i had expected.  We managed the first act before switching games!

But yeah, man, the 360 rocks, and co-op play is. just. awesome!

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