Friday, September 23, 2005

Guide: De-badging your 106

You can make a hell of a difference to the rear of your 106 by removing the “Peugeot” and “106” badges. This gives a really nice smooth look to the rear. Some people then prefer to remove the rear lock as well to give that full smooth finish, where as others like to place the newer style chrome badges from the s2 106.

This guide will show you how to remove the badges. Then it’s up to you what you do next!

Unfortunatly, there’s no pictures with this guide. I carried this mod out a few years back before this site was even thought of!

1 x kettle of boiling water
1 x piece of strong nylon / cotton wool / fishing tackle wire.
1 x bottle of T-Cut
1 x cloth

NOTE: My car is bright cherry red.The car was about 8 years old when I done this mod, and unfortunately, red is the wrong colour to be starting with, as you can still make out the badges from where the paint on the boot had faded, but the paint under the badges has stayed as bright as the day it came out of the factory!

1) First off, get the kettle on!

2) Whilst the kettle is boiling, give the back of the car a good clean! The cleaner it is, the better & easier it is to work with.

3) Now once you’ve finished cleaning the car, and the kettle’s boiled, unplug it, and walk out to the car. Pour a good amount of hot water over the badges (it may be an idea to work on one badge at a time). The heat from the boiling water will melt the glue that's holding the badges onto the bodywork.

4) Grab your super-strength cotton / fishing wire (or similar - but dont use any metal wire as this will ruin your paint) and slide it behind the badges. If it doesn’t glide through easily, use a cutting motion to grind the cotton / wire through the glue. If it still feels quite difficult, pour some more boiling water over the badges. This melts the glue.

5) Once the badges have been removed, you’ll need to get rid of the last few bits of glue.
T-Cut should do the trick! (I cant remember if I used anything else!)

6) Once you’ve T-cut out the rest of the glue, give it another coat to try and colour match the paintwork!

7) Now stand back and admire, give yourself a pat on the back, as the job’s a good’un!

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