Friday, September 23, 2005

GUIDE: Fitting front speakers

The Standard speakers in the 106 are a bit poor. It kinda matches the rest of the system. Here I will be showing you how to replace the front speakers of your 106.

The front speakers on an S1 106 measure about 5 inches in diameter. Take care though as the 106 is a small car, and the door pod’s aren’t exactly forgiving when it comes to space. Like the rear of the car, try to get some good quality speakers which are quite thin so they can fit in the door pods and move accordingly. It’s no good if the magnet at the rear of the speaker is touching the door as it will sound awful, and no doubt kill your speaker within a couple of weeks! Not good!

Note: For those with an S2 106, I believe the speakers / door pockets are held in with rivets.These will probably need to be drilled out rather than unscrewed!

1 x torx screwdriver
1 x flat head screwdriver
1 x Philips head screwdriver

Unfortunatly, there are no pictures for this guide, as this was done before the site was started.

1) First, clear out the door pockets of your 106 as you’ll be removing these, and you don’t want everything falling out onto the floor.

2) Now grab your philips screwdriver, and remove the screws from around the door pocket.Once these have been removed, the whole door pocket & speaker cover should come off.

3) Grab your torx head screw driver.Unscrew the 4 screws around the old speakers, and pull them out of their pods.

4) Remove the spade connections from the speakers, and place them (same way round) on your new speakers.

5) Turn on your Head unit and test the speakers to make sure they work! It’s no good fitting your new speakers, and putting everything back together if the speakers don’t work!

6) If the new speakers work ok, put the speakers back in the pods, and screw them into place. (if your speakers come with new screws, it might be an idea to use these instead of the torx ones), and then screw the door pocket back onto the door. Now repeat on the otherside!

7) Sit back and enjoy the sounds of your brand new speakers. Pat yourself on the back, cos the job’s a good’un!

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