Monday, September 26, 2005

Plasma dials

A saw a link the other week to a german forum. One of their user's has created some plasma dials for his 205, and oh my god they look fantastic! The good thing about these dials is that the needles change colour! They are blue when the engine is running, but say when the engine is revving high and the needle reaches around 6000rpm, the needle changes to purple (strange colour!)

Now this could have many advantages. It could be ideal to warn drivers when they need to change gear (to stop the engine revving out). It could also warn drivers when the fuel is low or even, in some cases, when they are breaking the speed limit!

I dont know any german, but i ran the site through babelfish, and managed to pick up that it cost around 200 euro's and 2 weeks to build!

I'd love to know how it was done!!!

Have a look at the post here >

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