Wednesday, September 28, 2005


Spoke to my dad last night, hopefully he should be getting the bits & peices we need to do a decent service on my car. He should be getting a timing belt, an oil filter, and some oil! The car doesn't need plugs (i put some in 6 months ago), but we'll have a look at those anyway. Air Filter's also 6 months old but i'll give that a quick once over, so with a bit of luck, the car should be running better than ever on Saturday after it's been serviced.

Also whilst on the phone to my dad, we spoke about my smoked indicators. I'm now a bit weary of them because when i trial tested them the other weekend, they weren't that bright. So, what im gonna do is get the connections sorted so i can easily plug them in, and then maybe saturday night, hook them up, and test them in the dark.. If they are bright enough, they'll stay on! If not, ill pay a visit to the local Pug Dealer, and pic up some S2 clear indicators.

Other than that, not much has been going on.. i MUST get some new tyres as i checked them the other weekend, and 2 were just above the legal limit, so not long left on those now.

Oh and i heard on the PGAC that somebody managed to pick up an S1 Rallye for £30!... THIRTY POUNDS!... That would of been ideal for me! I wanna find a dog of a motor. And then cut my teeth on the mechanical side of things whilst trying to fix it lol!

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